Garmin Approach S2


Product Review: Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Price Range: $240 – $250

Who Would Buy the Garmin Approach S2: Those looking for a stylish “approach” to GPS on the golf course.




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Garmin Approach – Improve Your Game

The purpose of the Garmin GPS Golf Watch is to give you an accurate distance to the pin from anywhere on the golf course. Additional features on the S2 are the layup and dogleg distances, and the digital scorecard.


The Garmin Approach S2 is well made and has a breathable band that’s very comfortable. I still can’t get over how convenient it is to have so much information available to me on a wristwatch. It comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses worldwide and comes with a lifetime of updates. But I have to say that the highlight of my day at the course was using the dogleg feature. If a hole had a dogleg, it was displayed accurately and the distance was spot on. Gotta love it.

Like the S1 model, the S2 gives precise distances to the front, back and middle of the greens. But one noticeable enhancement that impressed me was the new layup feature. I could easily see how far I needed to hit by scrolling through the different yardage points, 100yds, 150yds, 200yds, etc.


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The battery life is great so far. I charged it overnight when I first got it and it lasted the whole day. I’m not sure just how much longer it would have lasted, because as soon as I got home, I plugged it into my laptop to download my scorecard for the day. Although I’ve only used the scorecard feature once so far, it makes sense that tracking my overall progress on a consistent basis will most certainly improve my game.


None so far – Will keep you posted


One Year Consumer Limited Warranty

Value for the money?

The new Garmin Approach S2 takes an already exceptional GPS Golf Watch in the Approach S1, and makes it even better. It’s accurate, stylish and a phenomenal tool for improving club selection as well as your overall game. I continue to recommend this GPS watch because I think every golfer should own one. Given how much it’s transformed my golf game, this is definitely one of the best investments I’ve made all year.

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Garmin Golf Watches – Plus My Hands-on Review

Garmin Golf Watches: Setting the Standards

Note: This article does not include my Hands-on review of the Garmin Approach S2.

A combination of style, design and touch of class are attributes golf GPS watches do not fall short of. The characteristics of this product attract thousands of people to purchasing them whenever they get a chance. In fact, the sales of these types of watches are at an increase thanks to the quality and functionality they present to perspective golfers around the world.

Due to the different taste and preference customers have, there is variety of golf GPS watches depending on shape, design and even color. This is fundamental especially to buyers as they need to feel the sense of versatility when purchasing an enabled GPS watch. In addition, variety promotes expansion of the market which translates to a profitable business.

Bushnell Neo+

This type of golf watch is famously known for its speed and unbelievable features. If you happen to be new in town or looking for a golf course to perfect your skills, Bushnell neo+ can easily navigate the nearest location of a course from where you are within seconds. This level of technological advancements is commonly found in golf GPS watches. The watch also calculates the distance of the course from where you are hence you do not have to bother people passing by.

IZZO Swami

One of the benefits of purchasing this watch is that you get to save a lot thanks to its pocket friendly price. More importantly, the functionality of this product is so amazing and effective to say the least. It is so easy to use especially after going through the manual not to mention the many features it has. For golfers who love to perfect their skills for a long time, this is the type of golf watch for them. The battery life is admirable and one does not need to worry when practicing their favorite sport.

Garmin S1

This watch epitomizes style and fashion and most young golfers prefer to have it on their wrists. Garmin S1 easily transmits GPS signals without any difficulties regardless of the network’s condition. Its black color greatly blends with outfits associated to golf which mostly are in bright colors. Technically it gives more accurate measurements in terms of distance than most golf GPS watches.

The overall functionality of these watches is to promote efficiency and deliver quality services to millions of golfers. Before you buy a watch, it is important for you to first evaluate its features as different golf GPS watches perform differently depending on the nature of task prompted to tackle.

Garmin GPS Systems

A Quick Look At Garmin GPS Systems

Garmin International is a group of companies which have specialized in designing and manufacturing of navigation, communication and information devices. Most of these designs and products are enabled by GPS technology.

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Garmin Limited is a parent to a conglomeration of companies started in 1989. These companies were founded by Gary Burell and Min Kao and are active in the development of marine, aviation consumer technologies, for GPS (Global Positioning System). Its subsidiary Garmin International is located in Olathe, Kansas and it serves as the headquarters for Garmin Limited.

History and Founding

The company was founded by Gary Burell and Min H. Kao in 1989 in Lenexa, Kansas City. Their first product was a GPS unit worth $2,500 which was sold to the first customer in 1991. In this instance, the company’s first customer was the US Army.

Originally, Global Positioning System was mostly specialized in equipment for boats and aircrafts but through Garmin, GPS technology has diversified to apply in a variety of handheld and wristwatch units. Automobile drivers, sportsmen such as hikers and athletes have benefited immensely from this breakthrough in technology.

So far, five million units have been sold by the organization. This is a true depiction of how its various products have received a warm welcome from the public at large. The progress of the organization is not only evident in its large market pool but also attested in the variety of the products and labor. Numerous dealers, distributors and partners across 100 countries around the world testify to the success, relevance and efficiency of Garmin products. Its marketing office is situated in the United Kingdom with Kansas (USA) and Taiwan hosting its manufacturing and sales operations. The parent company is however registered in the Cayman Islands.

Garmin has a vertical business model whose sole purpose is to

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Marketing of their products

This gives the organization more control over timelines, quality and services. Garmin user friendly products enjoy favor from customers and are mostly preferred for their charming design, top quality and excellent value. They also have creative features that keep buyers coming back for more.
It is reputed as the global leader in the manufacture of products related to navigation. Over time it has proven its devotion and commitment in making superior products that are an essential part of its customers’ lives. Built to last are the three simple words etched on the organization’s heart to describe the company, its products, its culture and future prospects.

Best Golf GPS Watch

white garmin approach s2The Garmin Approach S2 is THE best golf GPS watch, because it helps the user to perfect his smooth golf back swing. For a complete review see my Garmin Approach S2 Review.

This GPS golf watch is adorned with style and amazing comfort. It boasts an ability to take short distance measurements. Its highly sensitive GPS receiver gives accurate yardage to the middle, back and front of the greens. It has more than thirty thousand global courses. This feature helps one to determine the exact distance from their immediate point to the nearest golf course and the mileage to be covered.

Another feature is the inclusion of free lifetime course updates which are available without additional updates. The updates are added up to four times a year and they are accessible on Course View Updater for comparison.

The Garmin Approach S2 has a worth of $249.99 with confirmation from the website.
Battery enhancement. The Garmin Approach S2 has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. This helps to reduce on expenses with regards to replacing worn out batteries.

Technological advancement
• With this gadget precise shot yardages can be played from any part of the course.
• It gives dogleg and layup distances to boost entire hole usability
• It has an odometer to assist those who like walking to track how far they have gone or walked.
• It has a digital scorecard to help in easily keeping track of the scores. A USB cable accessory is also available to help in connecting the gadget to your PC to make downloads, store and even print the scorecards at one’s discretion.

The Garmin Approach S2 is lightweight and flexible making it comfortable enough for everyday wear. It is also waterproof to a depth of 10 meters and rugged in nature making it very durable. It has automated date alarm and time. Its waterproof feature is perfect for a rainy ground or a retrieval of a ball from a water hazard.

It is comprised of a 1.0 inch Mono LCD screen display. Just as the other forerunner watches, it uses the same bold and clean interface thus enabling it to be navigated using its four buttons. It weighs in at 52g thus making it lighter than the Garmin Approach S3 by 7g. Its weight makes it to be less bulky around the wrist thus causing no interference with the golf swing. It is available in bright white and a black shade.

Garmin Approach S3

Product Review: Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch

Price Range: $340 – $350

Who Would Buy The Garmin Approach S3: Those of you looking for a golf watch that combines the best of the S1 & S2 with an exciting list of new and customizable features.




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Precision GPS To Improve Your Game

The purpose of the Garmin S3 is to calculate accurate distances and locations on the golf course. The S3 is the third edition (second released) of the Approach line from Garmin and offers a few extra features that the S1 and S2 do not. Because of the S1′s limited course selection, most buyers ultimately end up choosing between the S2 and the S3. With the S2 being the least expensive of the two, the decision comes down to price vs. features. Are the S3′s added features worth the added cost?


The Garmin Approach S3 sets itself apart with a glove friendly touchscreen. The clickable area is much bigger than I thought and extends out to the red circle. Even with my gorilla fingers, I had no problems navigating menus. Between the two GPS watches, the S3 touchscreen was more intuitive and easier to learn, but the S2′s buttons and menu layout was quicker to navigate on the course.

Garmin Approach S3 Green View

Exclusive to the S3, is the Green View which displays the true shape of the green and features a movable pin. That means as you get closer to the green, you can touch and move the pin to the approximate location of the day, for a more accurate distance of yardage to the hole.


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The screen resolution on the S3 is the best yet from the Approach line. This means the font and image quality look less ‘block like’ than what you find on the S2. Apart from aesthetics, this high resolution screen is a necessity for moving the pin, in the above mentioned Green View, with any amount of accuracy.

S3 Features

The S3 is the only watch in the Approach line-up that gives the option of customizing a course with distances to hazards or bunkers. You can set and save yardage points from anywhere on the course so that every round thereafter displays the exact distance to customized layups.


The S3 doesn’t come with a car charger. I keep my S3 in the car so its fully charged and ready to go when I am. If you’re like me then I strongly suggest picking up a USB car charger from


One Year Limited Warranty

Value for money?

For comparison, the S2 is an affordable sophisticated workhorse that gets the job done on the green, but only the S3 gives an actual shape of the green, an exact distance to the pin, and customizable yardage points. I whole heartedly recommend both the S3 and the S2 because of the value and dependability they both offer and the respective price tags of the two obviously reflect the features of the individual watches.

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GPS Golf Watch

When GPS was first conceived, I’m sure that the sport of golf wasn’t one of the applications they had in mind. But as it is with most technological breakthroughs, people will constantly be looking for applications beyond the scope of what was originally intended. Thank God for those innovators who are never content with the status quo, but instead, continually think outside the box to find something more.


For those of us that play golf, who would’ve of dreamt of a watch that was loaded with tens of thousands of courses around the world, and the yardage to the front, back, and middle of the green, dogleg and layup features, and precise distance to the pin, and don’t forget the time, all being accessible on your wrist. It almost feels like cheating… until you remind yourself that the golf watch can’t swing that five iron for you or get you out of that bunker, that’s all you.

It’s true that GPS Golf Watches are relatively new on the scene, but they’re making a huge impact on the sport of golf. Like their cousin the golf rangefinder, the golf watch noticeably improves your game by helping you more accurately determine which clubs to use. Unlike golf rangefinders though, the golf watch is worn on your person, which allows for a faster, more immediate ability to check for distance or other stats.

All in all, I think all serious golfers should own a GPS device, in one form or another, designed for the golf course. Garmin is THE name when it comes to GPS and the Garmin Golf Watch was designed, and continues to be streamlined, with cutting edge technology to make the best use of global positioning on the golf course. Given the fact that there are a number of lesser known companies out there making golf watches, you don’t have to worry about being short on choices.

Each of us spends thousands of dollars trying to improve our game every year. We’re constantly looking for the perfect wood and the ever elusive perfectly balanced, ball hugging putter. I have to say that my GPS Golf Watch is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my golf game.

Golf combines two favorite American pastimes:  taking long walks and hitting things with a stick – P.J. O’Rourke